Be a star: join the international star-hunt!

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Globe at Night: February 21 - March 6, 2011

Globe at Night: Feb 21 - March 6, 2011

Have you ever seen the Milky Way from where you live? Most of us have not, and it’s largely due to increased light pollution from outdoor lighting. Light pollution not only wastes billions of dollars a year in energy and money but it causes human sleep disorders and disrupts habits critical to ecology.

Globe at Night is an international star-hunting campaign that needs volunteers to record their observations of particular constellations in order to measure light pollution. This year’s campaign runs from February 21 through March 6, 2011.

Last year, citizen scientists contributed 17,800 observations and raised awareness about the issue all over the world. The project takes just a few minutes of your time to measure sky brightness and contribute those observations online. Those of you that are tech-savvy can contribute in real-time via the Globe at Night web app. Out of this world!

Contributing to Globe at Night is as easy as pie:

1. Find your latitude and longitude.
2. Find Orion by going outside an hour after sunset (about 7-10pm local time).
3. Match your nighttime sky to one of the project’s magnitude charts.
4. Report your observation.
5. Compare your observation to thousands around the world.

Be a star! Join Globe at night!

Visit the project website for all the details and stay connected via Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Waking up for the last lunar eclipse reminded me how much fun the night sky can be ….looking forward to the star hunt 🙂


    21 Feb 11 at 3:54 pm

  2. Great post! Thank-you from GLOBE at Night. Everyone: your help is needed to reach 15,000 observations. A few minutes of your time can make a world of difference. Thank-you!


    26 Feb 11 at 12:04 pm

  3. Hi! If you enjoyed the first GLOBE at Night campaign this Winter, please join us for our 2nd campaign from March 22 to April 4 in the Northern Hemisphere and March 24 to April 6 in the Southern Hemisphere. For more information, visit To submit your observations in real time with a smart mobile device, check out the cool web application at Thanks!!!

    Connie (from GLOBE at Night)

    11 Mar 11 at 2:45 pm

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