Citizen Science Cheerleaders Head To Vegas

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Science Cheerleaders

Meet the Science Cheerleaders. This team of more than 100 NFL and NBA cheerleaders-turned-scientists and engineers is ready to cheer for citizen science., our sister-site, aims to inspire the 3 million little cheerleaders in the U.S. to consider careers in science and engineering, while playfully challenge stereotypes and encouraging participation in any of the more than 400 citizen science projects featured on .

The Science Cheerleaders have been featured on CNN, NPR, ESPN, The Scientist, Nature, Science, Discover and more. They are supported by the National Science Foundation, the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and others eager to draw more women and minorities to the field of science. They travel the country spreading the gospel of science and citizen science!

Next stop: Vegas. On Saturday, September 10th, 1pm, in Las Vegas, NV, right at the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign! That’s right, VEGAS! Home of our favorite Vegas science super stars, Penn & Teller. Below, you can a cheeky video the Science Cheerleader did with Penn & Teller.

Earlier in the day, at noon, watch them perform science-themed routines as they cheer about science facts and inspire young girls to consider careers in science and engineering. They are partnering up with the organizers of the Las Vegas Science Festival to bring science, cheerleading, and hands-on citizen science projects to Meadows Mall at noon on 9/10. Following the Science Cheerleaders’ performance will be the Las Vegas Locomotion cheerleaders. Then, the procheerleaders will teach aspiring cheerleaders some of the tricks of the trade during a free cheer clinic at the mall.

Be sure to meet SciCheer’s creative director, Laura Eilers, the reigning Ms. United States! If you don’t catch her in Vegas, look for her on TV when she throws out the first pitch during the Kansas City Royals baseball game on 9/13!


Learn more about the Science Cheerleaders here.

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