Tuesday Trio: Roadkill, Spiders, and Water Monitoring

The Science for Citizens Project Finder is filled with hundreds of citizen science projects, and it’s growing larger every day thanks to submissions by project coordinators, volunteers, and other members of the Science for Citizens community. I’m highlighting a trio of recently added citizen science projects  to introduce you to a few new ways to … Read more “Tuesday Trio: Roadkill, Spiders, and Water Monitoring”

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EteRNA: Biology plus videogames equals cutting-edge science

What class of molecules dominated the primordial stages of evolution, and seems to function as an exquisite operating system for our cells? RNA — the single-stranded cousin of DNA. Scientists suspect that a better understanding of RNAs will allow us to more deeply understand healthy cells, and to design better treatments for those infected by … Read more “EteRNA: Biology plus videogames equals cutting-edge science”

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Top Member Blog Posts of 2010

Below, I’ve listed the top 5 Science For Citizens member blog posts according to the number of visits received. It’s easy to start your very own Sci4Ctis member blog. Start sharing your adventures with other citizen scientists! 5. Rent a Remote-Controlled Telescope! From Michael It’s pretty hard to be an amateur astronomer without your own … Read more “Top Member Blog Posts of 2010”

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Florida researchers put Cuban treefrogs on ice

We often highlight citizen science projects that ask volunteers to note where and when they see a particular animal. However, researchers at the University of Florida are asking citizen scientists to go one step further — not only does this group need help spotting invasive Cuban treefrogs, but also, they’d like you to help get … Read more “Florida researchers put Cuban treefrogs on ice”

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