What IS citizen science?

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SciStarter contributors, Lily Bui, Caren Cooper, and Darlene Cavalier, developed this citizen science primer page on SciStarter. Please feel free to suggest additions and edits.
We hope this serves as a starting point for anyone thinking about dipping their toes into this exciting and emerging field!

The Citizen Science page on SciStarter addresses the following questions and provides links to related resources:

What is citizen science?

What is a citizen scientist?

How can I get involved in citizen science projects?

How will citizen science affect the future of scientific research?

How is the field of citizen science being formalized?

Links to professional associations, graduate courses, research papers, and additional resources about citizen science.

Formal, Recent Reports on Trends in Citizen Science

A Sampling of 2013 Citizen Science Research Papers

Thought Leaders and Other Resources

Platforms to Create Your Own Citizen Science Project

See Citizen Science on SciStarter for details.

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