Citizen Science on the Radio: Tiny Terrors and founder Darlene Cavalier on WHYY’s The Pulse

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(Photo courtesy of the Alliance for Saving Threatened Forests)

This week on The Pulse and SciStarter’s segment about citizen science, producer Kimberly Haas talks to the Tiny Terrors Project, and Maiken Scott speaks to SciStarter’s founder, Darlene Cavalier.

Listen here for the full segment. The Tiny Terrors Project aims to help researchers identify an invasive species, the woolly adelgid, which threatens hemlock and fir trees, among many other evergreen trees. Citizen scientists can provide a significant boost to helping search for resistant trees, which may be the key to finding a way to prevent forests dying out.

Read even more about the Tiny Terrors project on SciStarter’s blog.

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