Citizen Science on the Radio: WHYY features Old Weather from Zooniverse

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Craig Bruns of the Independence Seaport Museum flips through an old weather log book (Kimberly Haas/for The Pulse)

This week on The Pulse and SciStarter’s segment about citizen science, producer Kimberly Haas takes a look at Zooniverse’s Old Weather, a project that dives into weather’s past in order to study our climate’s future.

Old Weather is a Zooniverse project that dives into historical archives of weather observations. Citizen scientists can browse through online archival data of ship logs from decades past, then help transcribe and digitize them so that researchers can access them more easily. These transcriptions will contribute to climate model projections and hopefully knowledge of past environmental conditions. Historians will use this work to track past ship movements and tell the stories of the people on board.

Read WHYY’s related blog post to learn more. Listen to the piece below.

What is Old Weather from National Maritime Museum on Vimeo.

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