Science enthusiasts can join forces with top researchers through a partnership between DISCOVER Magazine and SciStarter

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April 1, 2014
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PHILADELPHIA, PA. (April 1, 2014) – A “citizen science” movement is sweeping the country, with more than 700 active research projects to prove it. The fields that citizen science advances are diverse: ecology, astronomy, medicine, psychology, linguistics, genetics, engineering, and many more.


DISCOVER is teaming up with SciStarter to present the Citizen Science Salon, a print, online and social media partnership. The new Citizen Science Salon blog will feature selections from SciStarter’s Project Finder that are related to DISCOVER’s print and online content. Each print issue of DISCOVER will highlight SciStarter opportunities for readers to take action on topics they care about, directly related to articles they are reading.

Additionally, each week, SciStarter will help Discover curate citizen science projects, ranging from analyzing distant galaxies to monitoring frog, firefly and whale populations, to detecting home and body microbiomes, even to helping deliberate on science policy. Now science enthusiasts who want to collaborate with leading scientists can visit to join cutting-edge research projects.

“This partnership moves DISCOVER into the fast-growing realm of citizen science,” says Steve George, Editor in Chief of DISCOVER Magazine. “Our readers tell us they’re eager to help study and explore the world, but it can be difficult for them to know where to begin. Now we’ll be connecting our readers to opportunities to participate in scientific research within our print articles.”

“DISCOVER has enormous credibility in the scientific community. Its print and online readers are enthusiastic and intelligent, and their participation in research projects will be invaluable to researchers,” adds Darlene Cavalier, founder of SciStarter.

Researchers and team leaders who want their project featured can submit it to the SciStarter Project Finder for consideration by the SciStarter editors.


About SciStarter

SciStarter is a citizen science hotspot where millions of people find hundreds of searchable projects aligned with topics and activities of interest to them. Researchers add their projects to the Project Finder and SciStarter helps recruit participants from all walks of life.


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