An Autumn Bounty of Citizen Science

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Season Spotter

Birds and monarchs are migrating and leaves are changing color. Fall is in full swing! Unfortunately, hurricanes are forming and flu season is here too.

Help scientists document nature and health changes near you to study and predict future trends.
Our editors selected five projects to get you started. Find more citizen science projects on SciStarter’s Project Finder.    
The SciStarter Team

Southwest Monarch Study

Southwest Monarch Study
If you live in the U.S. Southwest, fall is the perfect time to watch for monarchs. Share your sightings of monarchs as they migrate south or join an effort to tag them!
Location: Southwestern United States


How are weather and climate changing where you live? Document your observations with ISeeChange and they’ll be linked to NASA satellite and other data to understand how climate change is impacting our daily lives.
Location: Global

Flu Near You

Flu Near You
Help track the spread of the flu virus by taking a few seconds each week to report whether you are healthy or sick. The data are used to generate maps about influenza-like symptoms across the U.S.
Location: United States

Nature’s Notebook

Brian Forbes Powell
See birds migrating and leaves changing color? Track changes in plants and animals where you live and help scientists better understand how they’re responding to changing climates. 
Location: North America

Cyclone Center

The human eye is the best tool for spotting cyclone patterns in storm imagery. Help climatologists better predict intensities of future storms by looking for cyclone behavior in satellite images. 
Location: Global


Discover more summertime citizen science on the SciStarter calendar. Did you know your SciStarter dashboard helps you track your contributions to projects? Complete your profile to access free tools. Want even more citizen science? Check out SciStarter’s Project Finder! With 1100+ citizen science projects spanning every field of research, task and age group, there’s something for everyone!

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