Registration for “Storytelling in Citizen Science” Workshop at the Citizen Science Association Conference

No matter who you are in the citizen science world – project coordinator, student, citizen science enthusiast – you can benefit from sharpening your writing and communication skills.

Participants will emerge from this workshop with the first draft of an article that they can publish on SciStarter’s Syndicated Blog Network. This network includes the SciStarter, Public Library of Science, and Discover Magazine blog platforms.

The workshop will begin with a brief introduction to blog writing, which will feature a review of SciStarter’s blog guidelines, a crash course on AP style writing, and tips for successful blogs. After this, each workshop participant will be assigned a project and will then be given some workshop time to research and draft questions about the project. After the workshop participant drafts their questions, they will then interview a representative for the project (interview times will be cleared with project representatives beforehand and they will be available). After completing the interview, participants will end the workshop by writing a first draft of their blog. Workshop facilitators from SciStarter will be available during this closing blog writing time for questions.

A core facet of citizen science is experiential learning, and this workshop provides that in the field of citizen science communication.

The registration form is available below and also at this link.

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Caroline Nickerson

Caroline Nickerson

In addition to being the Managing Editor of SciStarter's Syndicated Blog Network, Caroline Nickerson is a Master of Public Policy student at American University with a focus on environmental and climate change policy. She is passionate about science communication in the policy space and engaging citizens and voters. Caroline currently serves as secretary on the national board of the Commission on Local Debates (, an emerging nonprofit seeking to leverage technology to make debates for local elections better and more accessible. She also works as a textbook and curriculum development consultant for the University of Florida Psychiatry Department. In her role there, she is a project manager for the Christensen Project, which honors and furthers Dr. Richard C. Christensen's legacy of advocating for homeless and under-served individuals.