Citizen Science Day

Get Involved in a Global Effort on Citizen Science Day

Are you a citizen scientist? Do you manage a citizen science project? Why not celebrate Citizen Science Day on 13 April? On that Saturday, a global community of citizen science practitioners and supporters will be holding hundreds of events to raise awareness of the importance of engagement between science and society. If you are involved … Read more “Get Involved in a Global Effort on Citizen Science Day”

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Slavery from Space: Citizen Science in the Antislavery Movement

Slavery from Space is a citizen science project that allows users to further the antislavery movement by mapping the locations of activities in which people are frequently found to be enslaved. How many slaves do you think there are in the world? You might be surprised. In 2016, the International Labour Organization estimated that 40.3 million people were … Read more “Slavery from Space: Citizen Science in the Antislavery Movement”

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Innovation Meets Citizen Science

Citizen science has been around as long as science, but innovative approaches are opening doors to more and deeper forms of public participation. Below, our editors spotlight a few projects that feature new approaches, novel research, or low-cost instruments. They all provide opportunities to act upon issues you may care about. Cheers! The SciStarter Team

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Mosquito Habitat Mapper

Neighborhood Science with GLOBE Mission Mosquito

Spring is a great time to start using the GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper. Have you noticed any mosquitoes yet? Spring is upon us in the United States, and mosquitoes are already buzzing in many parts of the country. Below is a map that shows the approximate onset of the mosquito season throughout the contiguous … Read more “Neighborhood Science with GLOBE Mission Mosquito”

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How to Join the #Megathon From Anywhere in the World on #CitSciDay2019

Citizen Science Day 2019 (referred to as #CitSciDay2019 on social media) falls on Saturday, April 13 this year. On Citizen Science Day, SciStarter and the Citizen Science Association are encouraging people all over the world to celebrate citizen science. For a “quick start,” you may just want to join the SciStarter team right now. If … Read more “How to Join the #Megathon From Anywhere in the World on #CitSciDay2019”

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