Artificial Intelligence meets Citizen Science

The potential for AI to propel citizen science efforts forward is incredible; from rapidly analyzing your data or identifying insects, to helping you find and join the best project for your research goals. Here are some ongoing citizen science projects and research efforts that involve AI and citizen science to maximize the efforts of participants … Read more “Artificial Intelligence meets Citizen Science”

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The SciStarter Team Reflects on the Citizen Science Association Conference

From March 13-17, the Citizen Science Association hosted their biennial conference, “Growing our Family Tree,” in Raleigh, North Carolina. The conference was referred to as #CitSci2019 on social media. The SciStarter team came together to attend various events, give presentations, hatch new ideas with potential collaborators, and celebrate citizen science. Below are selected reflections and … Read more “The SciStarter Team Reflects on the Citizen Science Association Conference”

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#CitSciDay2019: Global Community

Citizen Science Day 2019 (#CitSciDay2019) results prove that all of us can make huge contributions to research. Citizen Science Day is an annual celebration presented by SciStarter and the Citizen Science Association in an effort to connect people to real research in need of their help.  It taps the curiosity and observations of people to … Read more “#CitSciDay2019: Global Community”

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Sound Justice: Citizen Science, Noise, and the Quest for Equity

At the start of World War I, thousands of soldiers were coming down with a baffling condition: they became blind, deaf, lost their memory, or developed uncontrollable shaking despite no obvious physical injury. Even stranger, this malady could be triggered by memories of the war even after the fighting had ended. At the time, doctors … Read more “Sound Justice: Citizen Science, Noise, and the Quest for Equity”

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Citizen scientists set new record for accelerating Alzheimer’s research

A team of researchers at the Human Computation Institute and Cornell University seek to understand what causes a 30% reduction of blood flow to the brain in Alzheimer’s patients. Preliminary findings from the Schaffer-Nishimura Biomedical Engineering Lab suggest that restoring blood flow to the brain could delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and restore cognitive functioning. … Read more “Citizen scientists set new record for accelerating Alzheimer’s research”

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May the 4th Be With You!

Really, any day is a good day to engage in citizen science. Need some inspiration? “American Spring LIVE,” aired last week on PBS NATURE and it featured lots of citizen science projects in need of your help. Catch the recorded series on Facebook! Cheers, The SciStarter Team

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Year in Citizen Science: May Calendar

We present to you a graphic-designed version of the month of May from our “Year in Citizen Science” Google Calendar. You can add to the Google Calendar whenever you wish, to any month in the year, by emailing Erica Chenoweth at Each month, Erica will release a printable version of the calendar featuring some of … Read more “Year in Citizen Science: May Calendar”

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Crowd the Tap: Empowering Communities to Examine Their Lead Exposure

Lead water pipes have been a fixture of modern civilization for more than two thousand years.  Ancient Romans channeled water into homes and bathhouses through lead piping. In fact, the Latin word for lead, plumbum, is where we get the English word “plumbing.” Yet we have also long recognized that lead can have a serious … Read more “Crowd the Tap: Empowering Communities to Examine Their Lead Exposure”

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Citizen Science Connected

SciStarter and Science Connected are partnering to produce a new blog platform: Citizen Science Connected. Citizen science is a way for regular people to do real research, and the Citizen Science Connected platform is a place to tell those stories. The fields that citizen science advances are diverse: ecology, astronomy, medicine, psychology, linguistics, genetics, engineering, … Read more “Citizen Science Connected”

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