Five Halloween Treats for Citizen Scientists

 Zombees and spiders and bats, Oh MY! Drag your bones over, give these projects a TRY! Happy Halloween! From the SciStarter team. Here are  five projects to put a smile on your skull.    Want a free SciStarter Tshirt? Take our quick survey before Tuesday, 10/21! (Update: Limited Quantities Available!)   Loss of the Night Bring Citizen … Read more “Five Halloween Treats for Citizen Scientists”

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Is our thirst for energy killing the ecology of the Grand Canyon?

A new citizen science project invites volunteers to help study insect diversity in the Grand Canyon. Every night when she’s on the water, Gibney Siemion, a river expedition guide in the Grand Canyon, crouches at the edge of the Colorado River right on the line where the sand turns from wet to dry. Her equipment … Read more “Is our thirst for energy killing the ecology of the Grand Canyon?”

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Getting flashed by the Moon?

Monitor the rates and sizes of meteoroids striking the moon with the Lunar Impact Monitoring project. Citizen science after hours…here are some citizen science projects you can do at night. By now you’ve probably seen Gravity, and maybe you figured real astronauts don’t have to worry about projectiles, flying debris, or explosions. After all, the stars … Read more “Getting flashed by the Moon?”

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Tiny Woolly Terrors: The Attack of the Adelgid

If you’re looking for more projects for the holiday season, we’ve got 12 Days of Citizen Science for you! Don’t forget to check out the public radio segment about Tiny Terrors on WHYY’s The Pulse! The Grinch is back and this time in the form of a tiny insect invader. Meanwhile, scientists are looking for … Read more “Tiny Woolly Terrors: The Attack of the Adelgid”

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FluSurvey: Understanding and Tracking Influenza Trends in the UK

Winter is here! Check out more winter weather themed citizen science projects at Scistarter. Here in the northern hemisphere, by this time of year, the signs of winter are nearly fully developed. Pea coats to defend us from the cold, denuded forests, grasses in gowns of morning white, and, of course, symptoms of the flu … Read more “FluSurvey: Understanding and Tracking Influenza Trends in the UK”

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What Lies in the Soil?

Drag your bones toward even more Halloween-themed citizen science! We know from basic ecology that organisms are adapted to their environment, and where certain organisms live should fall along a gradient of critical environmental factors such as moisture, temperature, nutrient availability, or substrate. How these factors impact diversity and distribution are questions that we could … Read more “What Lies in the Soil?”

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Scanning the Schoolyard for Hemlock Health

SciStarter has a whole round-up of tree-related projects for you this season. Branch out into citizen science! Massachusetts is on guard. Only the watchers are not local police or state troopers; they are the students of John R. Briggs Elementary School in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. Led by their teacher, Ms. Katherine Bennett, these young scientists scurry … Read more “Scanning the Schoolyard for Hemlock Health”

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