Citizen Science in Australia: Spotlight on Michelle Neil

As the interviewer and the author of this post, I’ll reveal my bias now: meeting Michelle Neil, the secretary and social media moderator of the Australian Citizen Science Association, was a highlight of the Citizen Science Association’s conference for me. I’m an unabashed Michelle fan. She sat down with me this past March in Raleigh … Read more “Citizen Science in Australia: Spotlight on Michelle Neil”

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Mark Your Calendars for CitSci2021

Mark your calendars for May 2021! The 2021 Citizen Science Association conference (#CitSci2021) will be at School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University (ASU), our partners in citizen science innovation. SciStarter is a proud research affiliate of ASU. Our founder and founding board member of the Citizen Science Association, Darlene … Read more “Mark Your Calendars for CitSci2021”

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Human Impact: Climate Change and Citizen Science

This blog post is an edited excerpt from Human Impact, a new publication from Science Connected. Edited by Kate Stone and Shayna Keyles, Human Impact delivers 17 true tales of how humanity has changed the Earth, for better or for worse. This chapter appears in Human Impact as “Act Now: Engaging in Citizen Science,” and includes contributions … Read more “Human Impact: Climate Change and Citizen Science”

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Five ways your dog can do science. Woof!

We’re in the dog days of summer, and National Dog Day is August 26. You and your dog can celebrate by doing a little science together (that’s right!)…and help researchers in the process. Cheers! The SciStarter Team

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Year in Citizen Science: August Calendar

SciStarter maintains a “Year in Citizen Science” Google Calendar.  You can learn more and access the full Google Calendar at Happy August!

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dust storms

Are you dealing with dust storms? Webinar today with GLOBE Observer

Today, August 6, GLOBE Observer invites you to join them at 11MT/1ET for a webinar. Do you live in an area that experiences dust storms? The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment Program (GLOBE) team would like you to photograph dust events in your area and submit your photos using the GLOBE Observer … Read more “Are you dealing with dust storms? Webinar today with GLOBE Observer”

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Behind the scenes of INVENTING TOMORROW with the WaterInsights™ Team

The documentary INVENTING TOMORROW follows several young scientists on their journey to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), a program of Society for Science & the Public, with projects that tackle complex environmental issues affecting water, air, and soil quality. INVENTING TOMORROW Broadcast on July 29, 2019 You can catch this documentary tonight on POV … Read more “Behind the scenes of INVENTING TOMORROW with the WaterInsights™ Team”

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Help scientists track extreme weather this week!

Tropical storms loom large over different parts of the globe, while extreme heat and droughts wreak havoc on other areas. Flash floods and landslides plague parts of India, as dust storms make it difficult to drive and breathe in the southwestern United States. Extreme weather. We may feel powerless, but there are ways we can … Read more “Help scientists track extreme weather this week!”

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Year in Citizen Science

Year in Citizen Science: July Calendar

We present to you a graphic-designed version of the month of July from our “Year in Citizen Science” Google Calendar. You can add to the Google Calendar whenever you wish, to any month in the year, by emailing Erica Chenoweth at Each month, Erica will release a printable version of the calendar featuring some of the events from … Read more “Year in Citizen Science: July Calendar”

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