Celebrate Pollinator Week with buzzing science just for you

Pollinator Week is on its way! Celebrate the bees, bugs, bats, birds, and more that help pollinate our plants. National Pollinator Week is June 19-25. Explore the buzzing science below to find a way to contribute to pollinator science this month.  Find more projects and events on SciStarter, to do now or bookmark for later. … Read more “Celebrate Pollinator Week with buzzing science just for you”

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Wildlife Disease Citizen Science

Wild animals get sick from parasites, fungi, and other causes just like people and pets do, but they don’t usually have doctors to help them get better. Instead, you can help them with citizen science! Below, we highlight five projects that study wildlife diseases. Find more projects on SciStarter to do now, or bookmark your … Read more “Wildlife Disease Citizen Science”

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Enlisting youth citizen scientists to combat Zika

Going out of your way to attract mosquitoes seems like the last thing anyone would want to do, but that is exactly what the national Invasive Mosquito Project is hoping volunteers will do in the name of public health. Managed through the United States Department of Agriculture, the Invasive Mosquito Project aims to track the spread of … Read more “Enlisting youth citizen scientists to combat Zika”

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Spring, Citizen Science and some Irish luck!

Photo: CL Goforth Critter Tracking With spring weather upon us, many animals are on the move. Contribute your wildlife observations to advance scientific research. Learn how, below. Find projects from our pals in Ireland, Canada, the EU, and now, Australia through our brand new international partnership. Like citizen science, SciStarter is global. You can find more … Read more “Spring, Citizen Science and some Irish luck!”

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Frightfully Delightful Citizen Science for Halloween!

It’s time for ghouls and goblins, candy and costumes, AND citizen science! Here are six creep crawly projects to spice up your Halloween festivities. Find 1,000 more! Happy Halloween, The SciStarter Team   Photo: NASA Send Us Your Skeletons This project needs skeletons, but don’t worry- they don’t want human ones! The Department of Fisheries … Read more “Frightfully Delightful Citizen Science for Halloween!”

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Dragonfly Watch – Find Those Fast and Furious Insects!

“I’m an aquatic entomologist, and dragonflies and damselflies are the most colorful and noticeable insects in the habitats in which I work,” says Dr. Celeste A. Searles Mazzacano, a staff scientist and Aquatic Conservation Director at the Xerces Society. In her role as the project coordinator for the Migratory Dragonfly Partnership, she continues to add … Read more “Dragonfly Watch – Find Those Fast and Furious Insects!”

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Like Bugs? Here Are Six Citizen Science Projects for You!

Many of us are fascinated by insects. They creep, they crawl, they fly, and they’re everywhere!  Good thing, because we need them. Here are six insect projects you can do in your backyard, your neighborhood, at school (or in Costa Rica!). Check out the SciStarter blog for updates on your favorite projects and find new projects … Read more “Like Bugs? Here Are Six Citizen Science Projects for You!”

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What is killing California’s trees, and what can you do about it?

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on the author’s blog. Project SCARAB is one of more than 800 great citizen science projects on SciStarter. Use our project finder to find one that you can participate in! The great thing about living in a major port city such as Los Angeles is having access to ideas and … Read more “What is killing California’s trees, and what can you do about it?”

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