Competition Meets Collaboration: The City Nature Challenge

When you hear the word “nature,” you’re likely to think of your last camping trip to a state park, or of grandiose landscapes with forests, lakes, and snow-capped mountains. You may remember the last trip to the beach and the variety of birds you saw while sunbathing. There are likely many images that pop into … Read more “Competition Meets Collaboration: The City Nature Challenge”

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Citizen Science in the City

We’ve got a big weekend coming up for science! Not only is Citizen Science Day on April 14th, it’s also the March for Science and we’re also preparing for the City Nature Challenge! We’ve pulled together a long list of projects you could do in a city, so there’s something for everyone! So, plan your weekend now and find a Citizen … Read more “Citizen Science in the City”

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Citizen Science Day at the Cambridge Science Festival

Are you in New England for Citizen Science Day? Join The Science Cheerleaders and SciStarter at: Cambridge Science Carnival & Robot Zoo April 14, 2018 in Cambridge, MA We will be introducing citizen science and several outstanding citizen science projects, including Meet Your Mites and ZomBee Watch, as well as piloting our new SciStarter Citizen … Read more “Citizen Science Day at the Cambridge Science Festival”

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What’s in your garden?

Our editors picked five projects you can do in your garden. Learn more about your garden while advancing important scientific research. Learn how, below. AND….Citizen Science Day is April 14th! Find, join or host an event near you to celebrate the awesomeness of citizen science! Cheers, The SciStarter Team

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Help NASA Build the Largest Open Landslide Catalog with Landslide Reporter

With the longer days of spring comes relief for many on the west coast: the end of winter also means the end of the wet season—the rainiest time of year—for coastal California, Oregon, and Washington. Since January of this year, states up and down the west coast have been inundated with mudslides and debris flows … Read more “Help NASA Build the Largest Open Landslide Catalog with Landslide Reporter”

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Accelerating clinical research through mobile technology

Researchers face a number of challenges when conducting a clinical study.1 Investigators spend considerable time and money recruiting and screening viable participants. If recruitment takes too long, important studies can get scrapped before they are even started. Once a study is underway, participants must sacrifice their own time to make clinic visits, which, for long-term studies, … Read more “Accelerating clinical research through mobile technology”

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What’s in your rain barrel other than water? Off the Roof wants to find out

Many of us are familiar with the phrases “water is life” and “every drop counts,” but may still take our access to clean water for granted. Not until incidents like the lead poisoning of Flint residents or Cape Town running out of water do we become truly thankful for being able to turn on our … Read more “What’s in your rain barrel other than water? Off the Roof wants to find out”

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Citizen Science in Oakland: By the People, for the People

Through the atrium of an Oakland, CA community center, and down a narrow, paint-spattered hallway, sits Counter Culture Labs (CCL). This bocce-ball-court-turned-research-laboratory has been the east bay home for citizen science and biohacking since 2012. Ongoing projects at CCL include the Real Vegan Cheese project, which is programming yeast to produce milk proteins that can … Read more “Citizen Science in Oakland: By the People, for the People”

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