Perfect your weighing and measuring skills with these projects!

Whether you’re a fan of imperial or metric, this past Sunday was the day to celebrate the way we measure our surroundings. What better way to celebrate a day dedicated to measurement than to participate in a citizen science project where you weigh (or measure) something for science? We’ve pulled together some special projects that … Read more “Perfect your weighing and measuring skills with these projects!”

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Citizen Science in Oakland: By the People, for the People

Through the atrium of an Oakland, CA community center, and down a narrow, paint-spattered hallway, sits Counter Culture Labs (CCL). This bocce-ball-court-turned-research-laboratory has been the east bay home for citizen science and biohacking since 2012. Ongoing projects at CCL include the Real Vegan Cheese project, which is programming yeast to produce milk proteins that can … Read more “Citizen Science in Oakland: By the People, for the People”

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DIYBio and Open Science Changed My Life (And Could Change Yours)

Milo Toor, a software engineer writes about his experience with DIYBio and Counter Culture Labs. You can find more information about Counter Culture Labs and search for other DIYBio projects on the SciStarter citizen science project database. Counter Culture Labs is a 100% volunteer-run, membership funded organization, and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, funds from which will … Read more “DIYBio and Open Science Changed My Life (And Could Change Yours)”

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Winter Citizen Science Projects To Warm Your Heart and Mind

Winter weather is upon us! Many folks bundle up and venture outside to participate in citizen science, while others look for projects they can do indoors. Here’s a mitten-full of indoor and outdoor cold-weather projects for you to explore. Cheers! The SciStarter Team   Weather-IT This project is run by a graduate student who needs your … Read more “Winter Citizen Science Projects To Warm Your Heart and Mind”

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SciStarter’s Top Fourteen Citizen Science Projects of 2014!

As we ring in the New Year, we’re celebrating the 14 Top Projects of 2014! These are the projects that received the most visits on the SciStarter website. Resolve to do more citizen science in 2015! We’ll help you with that goal. Happy New Year! Photo: Mike Hankey 1.  American Meteor Society – Meteor Observing Report meteors … Read more “SciStarter’s Top Fourteen Citizen Science Projects of 2014!”

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The Great Indoors: Sensing Carbon Monoxide Levels and Indoor Air Quality [GUEST POST]

Per the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends 90% of their time indoors. At the same time, when we think of citizen science, our mind’s eye often pictures the great outdoors: wide expanses of open space, jutting mountains, birds in trees, and frogs sitting near meandering streams. In part, that’s due to a perception … Read more “The Great Indoors: Sensing Carbon Monoxide Levels and Indoor Air Quality [GUEST POST]”

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Recording The Noise Scape of Your Life with NoiseTube

NoiseTube allows citizen scientists to monitor noise pollution with a mobile app. Come to your senses! SciStarter has curated a list of projects for all 5 senses. I was overjoyed the first time I heard the peaceful fountain, twittering bird song, and gentle rustle of wind through the trees oustide my office window. Then, one … Read more “Recording The Noise Scape of Your Life with NoiseTube”

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Homebrew Sensing Project: DIY Environmental Monitoring

The non-profit Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (Public Lab) previously won a Knight News Challenge in 2011 and received $500,000 to fund a tool kit and online community for citizen-based, grassroots data gathering and research. The second Knight News Challenge the group won, a $350,000 Knight award focused on health data, will allow the group … Read more “Homebrew Sensing Project: DIY Environmental Monitoring”

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Songs From the Citizen Science Frontier

Citizen science has its own song! Monty Harper, the musician behind “Citizen Scientist,” needs help from you to compile a slideshow for the piece. If you have photos of you or others participating in citizen science, you can submit them to be included in a slideshow music video for his song! The deadline is November … Read more “Songs From the Citizen Science Frontier”

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