The best of SciStarter: DIY bioprinters, AR drones, and 19th century sailors (ExtremeTech)

The editors at ExtremeTech scoured projects featured on SciStarter and highlighted their favorites. Are your favorite projects among those featured here? If not, post a comment to let the editors know! If you are looking for a place where you can get involved in science projects, specifically citizen science ones, then SciStarter is the place … Read more “The best of SciStarter: DIY bioprinters, AR drones, and 19th century sailors (ExtremeTech)”

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Scientists call for your good germs to send to space!

Here’s a link to a television news segment that aired this week on Minneapolis/St.Paul NBC affiliate Kare11’s. Nice shout out to the SciStarter, Science Cheerleader, UCDavis citizen science project we are launching. It’s called Project MERCCURI! Sign up to get involved and send us microbes from your touchscreen device so we can compare patterns … Read more “Scientists call for your good germs to send to space!”

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National Science Teachers Assocation and SciStarter Announce Partnership

SCISTARTER and NSTA Announce Partnership to Connect Educators and Students to Researchers through Citizen Science Projects. ARLINGTON, VA. (September 20, 2012) –SciStarter, LLC, a Delaware-based corporation that connects people to opportunities to collaborate with scientists on cutting-edge research projects and informal science activities, is teaming up the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) to present a … Read more “National Science Teachers Assocation and SciStarter Announce Partnership”

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Can we keep up with the growth of citizen science?

In the current issue of On Earth magazine, writer Sharman Apt Russell explores the exponential growth of citizen science and asks whether we can keep up with this growth. Explosion! Renaissance! Revolution! Tsunami! This is the sort of (admittedly overblown) language you might have overheard at the first-ever large-scale conference on citizen science, to describe … Read more “Can we keep up with the growth of citizen science?”

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Outside magazine: “12 Ways to Channel Your Inner Citizen Scientist”

From today’s Outside magazine: Whether it’s collecting marine debris or chasing butterflies or tracking grizzly bears, there’s something for budding citizen scientists of every stripe and appetite for adventure. Grab your waterproof-breathable pocket protector and check out these citizen science resources: 1: You’d do well to start by perusing SciStarter’s Project Finder tool, which lets … Read more “Outside magazine: “12 Ways to Channel Your Inner Citizen Scientist””

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Help Track That Hurricane

As Hurricane Isaac makes landfall this morning, testing the infrastructure improvements following Hurricane Katrina, our thoughts are with the people of New Orleans for their continued safety. For weeks, scientists around the country have been studying the storm, tracking his progress and predicting his direction. With only a rain gauge, you can help them better … Read more “Help Track That Hurricane”

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Join the Citizen Science Brigade! (SciStarter featured on

We’re so excited to be featured on the popular blog, Bad Astronomer, authored by the talented Phil Plait. Here’s what he had to say about us in his blog (featured on Discover Magazine’s website): Citizen Science.It’s a powerful new tool, crowdsourcing the work to people interested in helping out. And the cool thing is: it … Read more “Join the Citizen Science Brigade! (SciStarter featured on”

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Show ’em what ya got (Philly).

If you live in or near Philadelphia, here’s a recent piece from the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Sandy Bauer, on wildlife citizen science projects for you! We especially like this excerpt: And if you REALLY want to get involved, check out SciStarter, which is considered to be the largest aggregator of citizen science and crowdsourced projects. You … Read more “Show ’em what ya got (Philly).”

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An ode to you: a citizen science theme song!

Citizen scientists around the world finally have their own anthem! Monty Harper, an Oklahama-based educator and entertainer, has released his latest song, “Citizen Scientist,” featuring SciStarter! We’ve adopted this as our theme song. Harper drew inspiration from the research of Dr. Janette Steets, a botanist at Oklahoma State University. And the best part is that … Read more “An ode to you: a citizen science theme song!”

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