Slavery from Space: Citizen Science in the Antislavery Movement

Slavery from Space is a citizen science project that allows users to further the antislavery movement by mapping the locations of activities in which people are frequently found to be enslaved. How many slaves do you think there are in the world? You might be surprised. In 2016, the International Labour Organization estimated that 40.3 million people were … Read more “Slavery from Space: Citizen Science in the Antislavery Movement”

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Mosquito Habitat Mapper

Neighborhood Science with GLOBE Mission Mosquito

Spring is a great time to start using the GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper. Have you noticed any mosquitoes yet? Spring is upon us in the United States, and mosquitoes are already buzzing in many parts of the country. Below is a map that shows the approximate onset of the mosquito season throughout the contiguous … Read more “Neighborhood Science with GLOBE Mission Mosquito”

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Kauai Blue Water Task Force

The Kauai Blue Water Task Force releases their annual water quality report.

The Surfrider Foundation is an international non-profit organization that is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s ocean, waves, and beaches. The Surfrider Foundation works with a large network of grassroots environmentalists, who serve as a first line of response for water quality monitoring on the coastline. The Blue Water Task Force (BWTF) … Read more “The Kauai Blue Water Task Force releases their annual water quality report.”

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Science of Seasons

Nature’s Notebook: Investigating the Science of Seasons

Nature’s Notebook is a citizen science project focused on the signs of the seasons. Participants can track the changes in plants and animals in their own backyards. How do you know when spring arrives? Is it when the first flower buds appear on your favorite tree, when the daylight hours lengthen, or when the first … Read more “Nature’s Notebook: Investigating the Science of Seasons”

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Take Pictures of Your (Six-Legged) Roommates for Science

Modern Americans spend nearly 90% of their lives indoors. Yet despite all that time inside, we know remarkably little about the life that shares our indoor spaces. This spring, a team at North Carolina State University hopes to change that by asking students to document the creatures they find in their dorms, homes, and apartments … Read more “Take Pictures of Your (Six-Legged) Roommates for Science”

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LingoBoingo: Play Games, Make the World Smarter

Who doesn’t like playing games? What if you could play fun games online and in the process make the world a smarter place? That’s the idea behind LingoBoingo. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Linguistic Data Consortium and department of Computer and Information Science, the University of Essex, Queen Mary University of London, the Université … Read more “LingoBoingo: Play Games, Make the World Smarter”

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Becoming a Bio-Engineer

The genetic modification of crops (GMOs) and the concept of designer babies (thanks to CRISPR technology) may be two of the most recognizable, yet controversial, topics related to the field of genetic engineering. At its core, genetic engineering, also known as bioengineering, is the genetic modification of an organism. Some view genetic engineering as an … Read more “Becoming a Bio-Engineer”

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Citizen Science in the Classroom: Raspberry Shake

Citizen science can be an excellent way to engage learners in the process of science and to address the Practices as outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). In each issue of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Journal, Science Scope, a citizen science project from the SciStarter Project Finder is featured! In the … Read more “Citizen Science in the Classroom: Raspberry Shake”

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Frankenstein Outside the Castle

It’s alive! The first time Mary Shelley introduced Dr. Frankenstein’s lab in her 1818 novel, she described it as “a solitary chamber, or rather cell, at the top of the house… I kept my workshop of filthy creation… The dissecting room and the slaughter-house furnished many of my materials.” Two hundred years later, researchers at … Read more “Frankenstein Outside the Castle”

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The idea for the @52CitScientists account sprang from a conversation between Mar Dixon and Darlene Cavalier. Soon after, they enlisted Zsófi Szendrei to grow the account and make it a success. You can find @52CitScientists on Twitter and Instagram. Mar Dixon is a self-described “troublemaker for sectors who need a kick up the bum.” SciStarter has a unique … Read more “@52CitScientists”

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