SciStarter’s Top 10 Projects of 2017 are here!

SciStarter logoWhat a year it has been! We now have more than 50,000 active members participating in over 1,700 projects on SciStarter. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.

From neurons to whales and everything in between, the 2017 Top 10 Projects are as varied and diverse as their participants. Thanks for making it such a successful year for citizen science.

This list, in no particular order, is based on the 10 projects with the most page views on SciStarter *and* the most “joins”.

The SciStarter Team

photos of a stream one of which is a selfie
Stream Selfie

Whether it’s on a hike or visiting your neighborhood stream, snap a picture to help preserve the health of your stream. Help Stream Selfie record the status of over 100,000 streams in North America by snapping a #StreamSelfie.

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Have you ever met an enthusiastic group of video game playing citizen scientists intermittently shouting, “FOR SCIENCE!”? Join hundreds of thousands of other players, if you haven’t already, to help map the 3D neural network of the human brain with an engaging video game.

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Orca breaching
Beam Reach, CC-NC-SA

Hear something funny underwater? Listen to the unique songs of endangered Pacific Northwest killer whales to help identify human-created sounds, which put whales in danger.

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volunteer using ISeeChange phone app

With just your cell phone, you can help NASA ground truth what they can’t see from satellites to report what changes you see due to changes in climate and weather.

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stars at night

Take a step outside at night and look up. Can you see the Milky Way? Join the next Globe at Night campaign to keep track of light pollution to gain an understanding of the visibility of the night sky.

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logo for Globe Observer

Take a step outside at night and look up. Can you see the Milky Way? Join the next Globe at Night campaign to keep track of light pollution to gain an understanding of the visibility of the night sky.

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logo for Stall Catchers
Human Computation Institute

While there is no current treatment for Alzheimers, scientists have enough data to work towards an effective one in the next couple of years. Help researchers work through movies to determine if blood vessels in the brain are flowing or “stalled.”

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What was that bug you saw? Now you can find out with iNaturalist and record biodiversity at the same time. The app now employs computer-aided learning and AI to identify what’s in your picture and shares your observations with fellow naturalists and scientists around the world.

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total solar eclipse
Igor Ruderman

Work together with other citizen science filmmakers to create the Eclipse Megamovie based on over sixty thousand images taken of the August 2017 total solar eclipse.

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Project Squirrell

Do all squirrels look the same to you? Did you know there were up to three different species climbing around your neighborhood? Count how may squirrels you see in your neighborhood to keep track of squirrel populations to better understand tree squirrel ecology.

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MLK Day of Service

Consider doing citizen science as a service in your community: explore projects for #MLK & National Day of Service on #MLKDay2018.

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