Citizen Science in The Classroom: Monarch Migration

Editor’s Note: This post has been republished and shared in celebration of SciStarter’s Back To School campaign where you will find 10 citizen science projects aligned with Next Generation Science Standards.   Using Journey North’s Monarch Project to Meet Common Core and Next Generation Teaching Standards Citizen Science and Monarch Migration as a Teaching Tool … Read more “Citizen Science in The Classroom: Monarch Migration”

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8 Great Reasons Why You Should Use Citizen Science in Your Class

Why Classrooms Should Integrate Citizen Science After writing quite a few entries in the series “Citizen Science in the Classroom” I thought it would be helpful to explain a bit more about the benefits of citizen science science in the classroom, and to provide a useful resource to teachers and administrators that may help in … Read more “8 Great Reasons Why You Should Use Citizen Science in Your Class”

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Integrating Citizen Science Into Your Classroom or Organization

This is the first installment for a brand new series about citizen science in schools and classrooms. Teachers often hear the term citizen science, but it’s never really clear what it is and how it might integrate into their classrooms. Citizen science is methodical scientific research conducted in part (or sometimes entirely) by non-professional scientists. … Read more “Integrating Citizen Science Into Your Classroom or Organization”

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