Celebrate summer with citizen science!

Search for the Rusty Patched bee, track flood impacts, or use your surfboard as a water quality sensor. Planning a trip to the beach, a park, or a campsite? Here are six ways to contribute to real science while enjoying the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Cheers! The SciStarter Team

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Hiking in the Appalachian Mountains? Here’s How You Can Contribute to Science While You’re At It

Hitting the trails for the long holiday weekend? Here’s a citizen science project you can contribute if you’re exploring the Appalachian Mountains, which stretch all the way from Georgia to Maine. Happy trails!  ~The SciStarter Editorial Team Hikers in the Appalachian mountains contribute data and help researchers learn how climate change is affecting plants living … Read more “Hiking in the Appalachian Mountains? Here’s How You Can Contribute to Science While You’re At It”

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Exploring the wonder of birds through the Migratory Shorebird Project

I used to think of birds as delicate creatures, airy and carefree, with pretty feathers and pretty songs. Then I saw the film “Winged Migration” and came to understand just how gritty and daring these lovely creatures really are. The film uses bird’s-eye footage to document the treacherous treks birds across the globe make each … Read more “Exploring the wonder of birds through the Migratory Shorebird Project”

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Globe at Night and Earth Hour: two causes with a common goal

On Saturday, March 25, join hundreds of millions of people around the world and turn off your lights for one hour to show your commitment to the planet, the starry night sky and our collective fight against climate change and light pollution. Participate in Globe at Night before, during and after Earth Hour (Saturday, March … Read more “Globe at Night and Earth Hour: two causes with a common goal”

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Collaborative Citizen Science for Clean Water Management

By Lishka Arata, Conservation Educator at Point Blue Despite the current administration’s efforts to roll back the Clean Water Act and dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency, interest and participation is growing in a new EPA- and stakeholder-led citizen science project that aims to inform clean water management. The Cyanobacteria Monitoring Collaborative has been gathering steam … Read more “Collaborative Citizen Science for Clean Water Management”

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Citizen Science to track weather and climate change

Many scientists rely on “small data” from  volunteers to understand local and global weather patterns and climate change. Collectively, the data are used to calibrate weather instruments on NASA satellites, or by the National Weather Service to refine forecasts or flood warnings.  Below, we highlight five projects turning small data into big impacts.  You can … Read more “Citizen Science to track weather and climate change”

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Saving California’s Seals and Sea Lions

We tend to think of famine in human terms. But animal populations also experience wide-spread hunger, and the hundreds of emaciated young seals and sea lions stranded on California beaches in the past year were a poignant example. Fortunately, a large team of citizen scientists at The Marine Mammal Center—an animal hospital and research institute … Read more “Saving California’s Seals and Sea Lions”

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iSeeChange: documenting the weather around us

From shoveling the third heavy snowfall of winter to spotting the first crocus of spring, each day without fail we experience our environment. Meaning each of us is a potential wealth of information about our local environment. Information that if gathered could inform climate scientists about the local effects and potential indicators of climate change. … Read more “iSeeChange: documenting the weather around us”

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