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“Rediscovering nature with your family,” from Family Fun Magazine and Parents Magazine

By June 24th, 2013 at 9:34 am | Comment

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Tickled pink that SciStarter is mentioned in this Family Fun article (also see July 2013 issue on newsstands now). We just love reaching new audiences and broadening the impact of the research projects featured in the SciStarter Project Finder.

Be a citizen naturalist.

The scientists who study nature need our help! These apps and websites will let your child connect with them.

At NWF’s Wildlife Watch (; search “Wildlife Watch”), you can print out a nature sightings checklist for your area (with photos of the animals and plants on the list), report your findings, and see what cool critters (and other growing things) folks near you have come across. You’ll find a huge assortment of citizen nature surveys looking for input from families like yours. Depending on where you live and what piques your interest, you can count butterflies, snap photos of spiders and bees, report on the condition of local streams, collect microbes, and much more.

Project Noah. This free app sends you on special missions (such as Mushroom Mapping, Project Squirrel, and Spirals in Nature) in search of animals, plants, and natural phenomena, then lets you upload and share photos with fellow nature detectives around the globe. (free, iOS)

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