Citizen Scientists Like You Could Change How We Handle Iraq’s Humanitarian Crisis

By analyzing images taken during times of humanitarian crises, citizen scientists can help refine a tool for data analysis improve relief efforts. A guest post by Megan Passey and Jeremy Othenio. Edited by Arvind Suresh In August 2014, following the fall of Mosul in Iraq, the UN declared the situation a level 3 crisis, the … Read more “Citizen Scientists Like You Could Change How We Handle Iraq’s Humanitarian Crisis”

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What Lies in the Soil?

Drag your bones toward even more Halloween-themed citizen science! We know from basic ecology that organisms are adapted to their environment, and where certain organisms live should fall along a gradient of critical environmental factors such as moisture, temperature, nutrient availability, or substrate. How these factors impact diversity and distribution are questions that we could … Read more “What Lies in the Soil?”

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Treezilla: A Monster of a Citizen Science Project

This post is part of this week’s featured projects about other tree projects. Take a look! Maps are everywhere these days. They have become as ubiquitous in our daily lives as they have in the science community. Citizen science projects that utilize maps are instantly familiar, easy to use, and enrich scientific data with a … Read more “Treezilla: A Monster of a Citizen Science Project”

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