Hook, Line and Sinker! Marblar’s Super-Biotin Project

This is one bait you should take. What possibilities could you think of to use a super strong ‘molecular’ hook? That’s what the inventors of Super-Biotin are asking you. This challenge appears on Marblar, a startup that “crowdsources market applications for emerging and existing technologies” as Mr Daniel Bayley, project organizer and part of the … Read more “Hook, Line and Sinker! Marblar’s Super-Biotin Project”

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What would you do with this technology?

Scientific research aims to answer questions, progress disciplinary knowledge, and ultimately better society by providing new applications of technology and ideas toward common problems. But, over time, the products of our countless research projects, while potentially still useful, go unutilized, and can be forgotten in the basements of University libraries or the dusty archives of … Read more “What would you do with this technology?”

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