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Citizen Science on the Radio: IceWatch USA on WHYY’s the Pulse

By January 18th, 2014 at 11:16 pm | Comment


IceWatch USA volunteer Bob Berke prepares to measure ice in Delaware County. (Kimberly Haas/for The Pulse)

This week on The Pulse and SciStarter’s segment about citizen science, producer Kimberly Haas talks to IceWatch USA and Nature’s Notebook (a project of the National Phenology Network) to explore what local bodies of water can tell us about climate change.

Listen here! Here’s an excerpt from WHYY’s related blog post:

“Concerns about climate change often focus on melting ice: glaciers are receding, polar bears are losing their frosty habitats, and our winters seem to be getting warmer, the recent cold snaps notwithstanding. IceWatch USA, a national project enlisting citizen science volunteers to measure ice over the course of the winter, is collecting data to quantify those changes.

Volunteer ice watchers first select a body of water that’s accessible to them during the winter. It could be a lake, a pond, or a stream. They collect data at that site, which is then crunched and analyzed by scientists who study climate change and other environmental issues.”

Learn more about how this is done and how this all contributes to a larger picture!

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